#CoverReveal #EternalSeas by @lexi_rees @rararesources

Eternal Seas -Cover Reveal.png

Eternal Seas cover.jpg

mini obc about the book1

Such a small parcel shouldn’t cause experienced smugglers much trouble, but this parcel is far from normal. Lost and scared after a violent storm, Finn and his sister, Aria, take shelter on a remote island. They discover the parcel contains a relic belonging to a long forgotten people. Locked inside are powers which will change their lives, and the world, forever. As Finn realises his connection to the relic, a vision strikes him – but what does it mean? Who should they trust? And if they decide to follow their hearts rather than their orders, will they manage to deliver the relic in one piece? Chased across the seas as they try to solve the mysteries within the parcel, the fate of this ancient people depends on them. Finn and Aria must choose between what is right and what is easy – and time is running out … With brave protagonists and life lessons of courage and honour, Eternal Seas speaks from a `flawed’ character perspective that everyone can relate to. Young readers who enjoy daring plots and exciting adventures will delight in this original story of different races and tough choices.

Pre-order Link – http://viewbook.at/EternalSeas

mini obc about the author


Lexi Rees spends as much time as possible sailing and horse riding, both of which she does spectacularly badly. Attempts at writing whilst horse riding have been disastrous, so Eternal Seas was written on a boat; the storm described in the book was frighteningly real.





#Spotlight #FromDaughterToWoman by #KimMcCabe – @fayerogersuk

From Daughter To Woman (1).jpg

Title Information

Title: From Daughter to Woman

Author: Kim McCabe

Release Date: 18th July

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Little Brown Books

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37916512-from-daughter-to-woman

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1408710218


This book aims to make the adolescent’s journey just that bit safer, kinder, and better supported – so parents and teens can enjoy the teenage years more.

The teen years are tough – for teens and for parents. Many parents dread the moodiness, dishonesty, preference of friends over family, exam stress, and the push for greater independence. Mothers have a pivotal role to play; this is a guidebook for parents and mothers of girls in particular as they navigate the rocky teenage landscape with their daughters aged 8 to 18. It aims to help them embrace the potential of their child’s teenage years by marking this time of growing maturity for girls and celebrating it with them. We celebrate birth, marriage and death, but this important life-transition from child to young adult is nowadays rarely acknowledged within an appropriate community.

Author Information

Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe is the founder of Rites for Girls. As the originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together groups, she offers guidance to preteen and teen girls and simultaneous support for their mothers. In training other women to facilitate these groups, her dream is that every girl grows up expecting to be supported and celebrated in adolescence. Kim was commissioned to write a section in Steve Biddulph’s latest best-selling book, 10 Things Girls Need Most: To Grow Up Strong and Free.

Kim is a home-educating mother of two boys, one girl, two cats and a colony of aloe vera plants; she is wife to a Kiwi, daughter to itinerant parents, friend to a cherished few, and lover of time alone, too. She lives in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. She sometimes shouts at her children, accidentally steps on the cat’s tail and forgets to water the plants, but she loves her work, her family and her life. She has always had deep affinity with teenage girls, and by sharing her wisdom and compassion she infects the reader with her enthusiasm for this life stage.

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#BlogTour #Giveaway #TheAdventuresOfEricTheSpider by Elaine Madle @AuthorightUKPR @fayerogersuk @Authoright #EricTheSpider

Today sees Eric the Spider crawling all over the Mini’s blog, but don’t worry, he’s a sweet little spider ready to take you on an adventure!

eBOOK - Madle - cover - 28.3.18 - 9781912562299-ColorPF

Title: The Adventures of Eric the Spider
Author: Elaine Madle
Illustrator: Shaun Madle
Release Date: 22nd May 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Format: Paperback
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33144778book-one
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-EricSpiderElaine-
mini obc about the book1
Eric may only be a little spider, but that doesn‘t stop him from having some big
When a spider, with big, long, spider legs, is spotted behind a curtain he seems a
little scary. Luckily, he is quickly caught in a box full of socks and named Eric.
But when Eric steals the socks (and a bike!) and goes on the run it is up to a diligent
policeman to find the right sock-footed spider, stop Eric and rescue the bike!
Join Eric on his adventures as he escapes with some socks, flees from a birthday
party, and goes camping on a very, very wet day in this beautifully illustrated
rhyming book.
 Eric The Spider Pic 2.jpg Eric The Spider Pic 1
mini obc about the author1
Author Information
Living in Essex, Elaine Madle works as a support
worker for adults with learning difficulties. In her spare
time she loves creating stories especially since becoming
a grandmother for the first time. Her brother and
illustrator Shaun Madle who has always been supportive
of her writing has provided a series of unique
watercolour illustrations in order to bring her characters
to life
Now is your chance to win your very own copy The Adventures of Eric the Spider. Simply follow the link to enter, its that simple!!

Print Copy – The Adventure of Eric the Spider

Eric the Spider Banner.png
***Prize will be sent direct to the winner from the Publishing Company.

#BlogTour #MrSnufflesBirthday by #DavidGreaves

Mr Snuffles' Birthday.jpg

‘It was a wonderful day for snuffling for truffles,

‘What a birthday treat!’ thought Mr Snuffles…’

Adults and children of all ages will delight in following Mr Snuffles’ frustrating woodland quest for his beloved truffles. But is Mr Snuffles on the right scent?

Beautifully illustrated by Emily Wallis, David Greaves’ Mr Snuffles’ Birthday is a glorious celebration of language, friendship and truffles: a tale to be treasured and to read aloud together time and time again.


Pre-order you copy —> www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1912562316/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_awdo_t1_XP05Ab8MQPJHA


mini obc about the author
Born in Yorkshire in 1985, David Greaves’ warmth and generosity of spirit, and his love of travel and adventure led him to make friends around the world with people from all walks of life. His strength of character and devotion to achieving his goals was shown in his achievements as an ultra-marathon runner and Iron Man triathlete. It was also shown by his
determination to finish this book, and nine others, after being diagnosed with MotorNeurone Disease (ALS) in June 2015, just after his thirtieth birthday. In the fifteen months after his diagnosis he got married to the love of his life, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, raising over
£12,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, and travelled through East Africa before settling in Newcastle upon Tyne. As David lost the use of his arms and speech he finished his collection of children’s books using revolutionary Eye Gaze technology which allowed him to type by tracking the movement of his eyes. David passed away peacefully at
home in September 2016. Mr Snuffles is David’s first book and his wife Philippa and family intend to honour his memory by eventually publishing all of his completed works.
About the illustrator 
Emily Wallace
Emily Wallis is an illustrator who uses traditional
hand-drawn techniques. She completed her MA
in sequential design and illustration at the
University of Brighton. She lives in London, UK.
https:// facebook.com/EmilyWallisIllustration
mini obc lily
This stunning and beautiful book is made even more special by David’s story!
Poor Mr Snuffles thinks someone is stealing his truffles and on his birthday too! We follow this fella through the woods on a truffle chase, will we discover the theif and where are all his friends going??
My toddler (aged 3) adored this book, she loved Mr Snuffles wearing his party hat and all the little details along the woodland trail. The illustrations fit perfectly with this sweet book and I definitely will be adding the actual book to her collection after reading it to her umpteen times already, maybe even gifting a copy to her little friends for birthday gifts too 💗
5 thumbs
Follow the rest of the Mr Snuffles tour!
Blog Tour Banner - Snuffles.jpg

#BlogTour #TheEarthMyButtAndOtherBigRoundThings by @CarolynMackler


mini obc about the book

Virginia feels like a fat, awkward outsider in her perfect family, especially next to her golden-boy big brother Byron. Not only that, but her best friend has moved away, the mean girls at school treat her like used chewing gum and there seems to be a boy who actually likes her – though she’d bet that he wouldn’t if he ever looked under all her layers of clothes.
To handle the pressure she develops the Fat Girl Code of Conduct, which seems to be working until something unthinkable happens and Virginia’s flawless family begins to disintegrate. As her world spins out of orbit, Virginia realises that breaking her own rules might be the only way back.
Award-winning author Carolyn Mackler updates her hilarious and heartbreaking novel for a new generation

mini obc about the author1


Carolyn Mackler is the acclaimed author of the YA novels The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things (A Michael L. Printz Honor Book), Infinite in Between, Tangled, The Future of Us, Vegan Virgin Valentine, Guyaholic, and Love and Other Four-Letter Words, and the middle grade novel, Best Friend Next Door.  Carolyn’s award-winning books have appeared on bestseller lists and been translated into more than twenty-five languages.  Her much-anticipated sequel to The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, entitled The Universe Is Expanding and So Am I, comes out in May 2018.

Carolyn lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

mini obc amy1

This book is a must read for any teen! It touches on so many subjects so I felt myself really relating to Virginia and her life….. well apart from her living in NYC…. and in a pent house!

It has a fun factor as well as dealing with real life events. School, friendship, boyfriends, even parents…..which I thought they are awesome to start with but then I realised that they spoke down to her, made her feel small and not I  the “family” and they always seemed to leave her at the weekends!! It’s like she was unwanted baggage 😲

I really liked how Virginia comes out of her shell as the story goes on, she finds courage to stand up to those that put her down and by the end I was fist pumping the air!!

5 thumbs


#BlogTour #PlanetStan by @elainewickson

Welcome to Elaine Wickson’s book tour for Planet Stan.  We have been super excited to share this book with everyone 😀

Planet Stan Blog Tour.jpg

mini obc about the book1


Stanley Fox might as well be a planet seeing as his younger brother Fred buzzes around him like an annoying satellite all day long. They say we’re made of stardust, but Fred is 70% annoying and 30% fart. Brotherhood is supposed to be about developing fellowship and understanding not developing a snail collection under your bed. Why can’t Fred come with diagrams like his 1001 Space Facts Book?

Luckily life on Planet Stan comes with pie charts, survival kits, top tips, bruv bingo and the most complicated Venn diagram ever drawn (probably).


As Stan tries to figure out what on earth he and his brother have in common, he charts all the ups and downs of his life in a series of hilarious infographics in this highly-illustrated and visually-appealing book.

Planet Stan is the out-of-this-world guide to sibling survival, and the first in a series of three.

mini obc about the author


​I live in Oxford with my husband and two sons, and have written stories since knee-high socks.

Some of my many jobs have included school photographer, film extra, potato-peeler, and barmaid. I also worked within the media industry for both local radio and newspapers, but it was a visit to the Oxford Literary Festival that rekindled my passion for writing. Listening to authors and illustrators talk about their work ignited the imagination in my long dormant brain.

Nowadays, if I’m not star-gazing, I’m often found in my Plotting Shed at the bottom of the garden, where all my ideas germinate.

Top Tip: If you share a plotting shed with lots of woodlice, give them names – it makes them less scary.


 You can read my fun facts, writing stories and sooo much more on Elaine’s website which can be found here —> http://www.elainewickson.co.uk



(He did the pictures)


Chris Judge is an illustrator, artist and children’s picture book author based in Dublin, Ireland.

His work is a mixture of illustration, painting and design, and has appeared in books, advertising, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions and interiors.

His debut picture book, The Lonely Beast, won the Irish Children’s Book Award in 2011.

You can find out more about him here.


The World of Planet Stan Pie Chart


My family once spent an afternoon walking around a museum full of marble statues. My eldest was six at the time.

‘Did they not have pants in the Greek ages?’ he shouted. A fair observtion, I thought, as it echoed around the hall. I kept notebooks containing all the gems my sons came out with when they were growing up. Like the time one of them forgot what their elbows were called and renamed them armbows, which made more sense. I treasure those notebooks. It’s like travelling back in time whenever I leaf through the pages. At the heart of Planet Stan are two brothers – Stan and Fred. They are +conal, but some of our time-travelling memories glimmer through the pages.


Stan and Fred were originally in another story, but were itching to be given their own. I soon found one when I read about Dippy the dinosaur being replaced with a blue whale at the Natural History Museum in London. I ticked through my notebooks and travelled back in time to when my youngest was five and first saw Dippy.

‘It’s a longosaurus!’ he shouted, in another hall.

There’s something magic about seeing your first dinosaur fossil, and the smaller you are the better. I remember mine: it was an iguanodon, in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, which in itself resembles a dinosaur with its iron rib-cage roof. Although I also remember looking down at the spider crab and thinking nothing should have that much leg-to-body ratio.

Space Facts

Now I had my story: Fred, whose mission is to save the museum dinosaur, and Stan who just wants to focus on winning a telescope so he can study Jupiter’s moons. Because that’s what I’ve made my family do on countless winter nights, snuggled in sleeping bags on the lawn, sharing the binoculars.

‘I love looking up at the skyling,’ yelled the youngest, around 11pm, with no regard for neighbours. He may have been no match for Professor Brian Cox, but knew the planet closest to the sun was called Margarine.


I probably shouldn’t tell you about the time my three-year-old asked if we could ‘put the baby in the microwave’ after his brother treated us all to an intense week of teething. He just meant to shut out the noise, not actually cook him. But also in those notebooks are the dynamics of sibling-hood: the ‘You Should Know Betters’, the ‘Sharing and Other Myths’, the ‘Concept of Borrowing’. And that sparked a sort of Haynes manual for siblings. Stan is mighly organised, enjoys his me-time, and his 1001 Space Facts full of infographics. His younger brother needed to come with diagrams too, being a chaotic, disruptive Frednado. Planet Stan is filled with charts, top tips, and survival kits. There’s a handy bingo card to take to the restaurant that will just about cover the embarrassment of being out with your family; and the Five Levels of Humiliation, because who hasn’t been embarrassed by their siblings on a daily basis? The most important chart of all is a Venn diagram, as Stan tries to stand out what on earth he has in common with his brother. Like this conversation, now remembered fondly by my sons with a smile and an arm punch:

‘All around the planets and back to Earth, that’s how much I love my brother,’ said one, as he lovingly threw Nerf bullets at his head. To which the other replied, without looking up from his comic: ‘I love you to the radiator and back.”


As for snails, I definitely didn’t accidentally put one through the wash after forgetting to check a pocket and have a sleepless night about it and this is my way of making it up to them.


The most traumatic thing my eldest son remembers from his younger years? Not the seven stitches on his left leg, but the time he refused chocolate cake round his grandparents.

‘Why?’ he laments. ‘Just… why?’

If only he could travel back in time.


And who doesn’t love a book trailer!!

mini obc amy2

This book had me giggling the whole way through! If you have a younger sibling then you’ll definitely be able to relate to Stan and his younger and slightly grose brother Fred (snails n all!)

Stan goes into great detail about his life with his younger brother and the obsession he has over the dinosaur at the local museum, Fred has a great imagination, that sometimes gets Stan into a little bother unless he’s quick on the uptake. Now I have a little sister so my life isn’t as grose as poor Stan’s but I’m half way there! I have the bogies, the wanting to ‘borrow’ my stuff and the tantrums….. thankfully I’ve missed out of the farts!

I did feel sorry for Stan in some parts….. it’s like he’s always expected to look after Fred even though his Mum and Dad know he’s a little monkey but brotherly love really shines through towards the end of the book (I’m not going to spoil it for you) but it’s a heartfelt story from front to back with a giggle on every page 🙂 the illustrations really add to the story, from the fun chapter pictures to the fun MY GENERAL STATE OF MIND gauge.

A great fun read for all and I’m sure it will fly off our library shelf (we donate outlet review books to our community run library)

4 thumbs

BlogTour Steve and FranDan take on the world

mini obc about the book1

Steve has had enough – enough of cyber-bullies, enough of adults messing up the world. Sharp-witted Fran and her brother worry-wart Dan feel exactly the same. And so, along with his dog Nessie, Steve and the FranDan twins leave town in the dead of night to start on the biggest adventure of their lives…

But if things were bad before, they soon get worse. Much, much worse. Some seriously bad men show up. Why have Steve and Dan been overpowered and led away as prisoners? Why are they kept tied up in the barn of a disused farm?

Having managed to escape, and with no way to call for help, Fran knows it’s up to her to mount a one-woman rescue.


Illustrators Twitter @SKARPHEDON 
Publisher Twitter@BCKidsBooks
Publisher Twitter@BirlinnBooks 

Video link to live reading ~

mini obc amy1

I love Ron Butlin books! This isn’t the first book of his to land on our doormat and I’m hoping it won’t be the last 😀

The story follows 3 kids, Steve, Dan and Fran, wanting to escape the bullies in their lives they think they can make it in their own with their handmade raft. I enjoyed how they worked as a team to get out of sticky situations and that they didn’ always do things right and made mistakes along the want, cos us kids don’ actually know EVERYTHING! Just dint tell the adults that 😂 I also enjoyed that fact that Fran is kinda the hero of the book, saving the boys from their prison. Their adventure was certainly exciting to read and had me page turning way after bedtime! I cant wait to see what Ron pens next.

4 thumbs

#BlogTour #HaveYouSeenTheSleepFairy by T.K.R #PictureBook


Have You Seen the Sleep Fairy ebook cover.jpg

mini obc about the book1

Have You Seen The Sleep Fairy?Have YOU seen the Sleep Fairy? This is the story of a sleep deprived mother and father who are rescued by this shyest of fairies, who only comes out at night when all the children in the home are asleep. She helps children get into the habit of sleeping through by leaving ony items of interest under their beds for a few days unil she can trust them to sleep through ontheir own. This sweet story is simply told by the author and beautifully bought to life in this new illustrated children’s story. Get your children into the habit of sleeping through by reading The Sleep Fairy to them and applying the idea to your family routine.  Here’s to you and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Purchase from Amazon UK – h%ps://www.amazon.co.uk/Have-You-Seen-Sleep-Fairy-ebook/dp/B078H9MNZW/

TKR - Blog Tour Banner.jpg

mini obc about the author1

Living in Chelsea, London with his wife and four children author T.K.R is no stranger to sleepless nights. When not writing children’s books, he runs his own business,Captivate Marketing Pty) Ltd which focusses on the tools and tactics associated with amplifying his clients’ global brands.

mini obc lily

This story will relate to any parent who’s child wakes up


I say that in shouty capitals because I am one of those parents, night after night my 3 year old wakes up for a drink or a wee or to tell me something really really important (she’s 3! What can be THAT important that she needs to tell me at 2am!!)

So I have my fingers crossed that this story will work on her….. a story that a very tired Mother and Father make up to entice their children to sleep the whole night through.

Now my little one got very excited in seeing a little fairy hand under the bed in the pictures, we then had to check under her bed just in case the fairy had come to visit early. I do hope that this story ‘rubs’ off on my daughter as this mum really does need a fair few whole night sleeps, not sure I rock the mombie look 😂

It’s a sweet story and yes these children do eventualy sleep the whole night through at the end, so there’s hope for us all with this book! If this works, and I really hope it does, I will change my rating to 5 thumbs up!!

4 thumbs

#NewCoverReveal #TheDevilsPoetry by @LouiseCole44 #Review #BlogTour

It’s sleek, it’s sexy and it’s PURPLE!!
This is the stunningly beautiful new cover for Louise Cole’s, The Devil’s Poetry, a book I instantly fell in love with and was very gratefully given a signed copy from Louise!
An action packed, love story with a sprinking of paranormal adventure, definitely one to add to your reading list.
Banner 3.png
The Devil’s Poetry by Louise Cole
mini obc about the book
Questions are dangerous but answers can be deadly.
Callie’s world will be lost to war – unless she can unlock the magic of an ancient
manuscript. She and her friends will be sent to the front line. Many of them won’t
come back. When a secret order tells her she can bring peace by reading from a book,
it seems an easy solution – too easy. Callie soon finds herself hunted, trapped
between desperate allies and diabolical enemies. The Order is every bit as ruthless as
the paranormal Cadaveri.
Callie can only trust two people – her best friend and her ex-marine bodyguard. And
they are on different sides. She must decide: how far will she go to stop a war?
Dare she read this book? What’s the price – and who pays it?
Commended in the Yeovil Prize 2016, this is an action-packed blend of adventure,
fantasy and love story.
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35148705the-devils
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XWL4XPJ
mini obc about the author
Louise Cole has spent her life reading and writing. And very occasionally gardening.
Sometimes she reads as she gardens. She can be seen walking her dogs around North
Yorkshire – she’s the one with a couple of cocker spaniels and a Kindle. She read
English at Oxford – read being the operative word – and hasn’t stopped reading since.
In her day-job she is an award-winning journalist, a former business magazine editor
and director of a media agency. She writes about business but mainly the business of
moving things around: transport, logistics, trucks, ships, and people.
Her fiction includes short stories, young adult thrillers, and other stuff which is still
Her YA and kids’ fiction is represented by Greenhouse Literary Agency and she is
also published on Amazon as one of the Marisa Hayworth triumvirate.
mini obc guest1

Where to start with this book?!


Now i could leave my review like that but i wont!!

Now don’t let the title put you off, it isn’t a poetry book or a book about the devil but a beautiful story about Callie. Her life has never been easy, loosing her Mother at a young age, felling like she never fits it and a Father that’s very distant with her on an emotional level.

Callie has always found comfort in her books, much to her Father’s dislike, so when a book thats been thrown into her hands calls to her…… yes, really calls to her, she grips it with both hands, and it doesn’t matter that an army of the Cadaveri will stop at nothing to have the book or that Jace has warned her NOT to read it, Callie just cant help herself and suddenly finder herself having to save the world!!

I loved the sweet relationship that blossomed between Callie and Jace throughout the book, Jace’s passion and dedication on wanting to do whats right for the Order and doing whats right for Callie is tested all the way through (think that’s what makes me love him as a character) and the test of friendship between Callie and Amber. Have to say I’ve never disliked a character as much as i disliked Ella, shes rude, pigheaded and thinks she knows everything……i did have a pang of guilt for disliking her so much towards the end of the book.

This book is so action packed it could give Jason Bourne a run for his money! Its fast paced, with twists and turns galore. You think its going one way then the author swiftly spins you around and into a whole new direction, which i loved! Its gripping, entertaining, and with just the right amount of romance to keep you hooked! Louise is a new author to me and if her books that follow are just as good or even better than this she’ll have a massive following in no time, with me in the front spot!! Now whens the next book out?!?

5 thumbs



#TheTrolls blog tour – @RonButlinMakar @LoveBooksGroup


The Trolls have taken over our blog today! But not to worry, even though they are a mischvious bunch they bring you two very fun stories written by Ron Butlin and very amusingly illustrated by James Hutcheson.

Book 1 is Here come THE TROLLS!



Through gaps in the roof we didn’t repair

through cracks in the walls we pretended weren’t there…

…the trolls have come creeping

while we were all sleeping.

Trolls on your chair, trolls in your bed –

is anything worse than a troll on your head?

What happens when your house is invaded by trolls – mischievous creatures who do nothing but cause havoc and mayhem? Find out in this zany and charming book which tells you how to get rid of them for good and make your house a troll-free zone!

Book 2 is Day of THE TROLLS!



It’s the Day of the Trolls: Fart-Fart and all the trolls are back! Join them in the shopping mall where they go wild, causing havoc as they overrun the place. But when they follow sign saying All Trolls – This Way, things turn out very differently to what Flycatcher, Bumscratcher, SnotFace, Squeer and the rest of them expected.

mini obc lily

Both books are highly funny! My 3 year old (pictured) chuckled the whole way through both books, especilly with the words FART and SNOT! I found myself chuckling along with her, especilly when the author said that eating drain-slime, slug stew, squid-eyes-on-toast and Rat-on-a-stick was what the Trolls ate, my daughter’s reaction was priceless 🤣


These are fun to read with some great tongue twisters, I did trip myself up a couple of times! But what I love the most about these books is that you also  get a FREE downloadable version. This is the first time I have had this with a child’s book, I think it’s a great addition and for the older children that are just starting out reading they can follow along in the book as the narrator reads!


Lily has loved these books, we have to read them both if this is what she has chosen for her bedtime story. She is entertained throughout (She loves the wiggly worms in book 2 and the two random dummies, she asked if those belonged to the Trolls or the worms) these are amongst a few books where she has asked questions about the story or the pictured, I love that these books have engaged her in both ways.

This is definitely a set of books that I will be recommending to my Mummy and Daddy friends.

5 thumbs