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Jasper – Space Dog is the first in a series of hilarious stories about the ambitions of Charlie Tanner and his dog, Jasper.

Released to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, the story cleverly weaves facts about the space mission with hilarious ideas about space. In their quest, Jasper and Charlie consult space experts to see if Jasper might make history too.


Charlie Tanner and is Dog Jasper are keen to find out as much as they can about space and the first moon landing. Is the moon made of cheese? Can space aliens deliver pizzas? Did the astronauts see any flying saucers or flying dog bowls? Mixing facts about the moon landings with hilarious ideas about space, ‘Jasper: Space Dog’ is the first in a series of funny stories about a loveable hound with BIG ideas!



Hilary Robinson is an award-winning radio producer and author of over 50 picture books. Awards include the 2016 Historical Young Quills Award for ‘Flo of the Somme.’ Radio credits include Private Peaceful for BBC Radio 2 and her series for Barry Humphries Forgotten Musical Masterpieces was listed as one of the top 30 artistic triumphs of 2016 by the Telegraph. Extracts from her book ‘A Song For Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan’ were read on BBC Radio 4.

About the Illustrator.


Lewis James was supported by the Prince’s Trust through the Enterprise programme. Following the successful launch of his business, he continued his involvement with the Prince’s Trust as young ambassador. Lewis is mentored through Strauss House Productions by illustrator and branding expert, Mandy Stanley.


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I read this to my 4 year old daughter who loves space things. She loved the cover, especially the alien holding the pizza box.

We spilt the book into chapters, we read a letter from Charlie and Jasper, then one from Dr Starr, each night before bed. Some of the things that Charlie and Jasper asked had my little one chuckling, like is the moon made of cheese and does it smell like old socks 😂 She said if it does then she doesn’t want to go!

We enjoyed reading the mission facts at the end of the book, some that even Mum didn’t know.

A fun read with great illustrations!

5 thumbs

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An apology to my authors, illustrators, publishers and tour organisers.


Easter time, you have to love it!

Chocolate galore!!

I decided to take a few days off with the family, all posts we scheduled and once I was back in the land of internet (what would we do without it?!) I logged on to shared all my scheduled posts…… posts that my blogs decided not to publish!

After a few tears, bashing of buttons and a few choice words (away from little ears) I’ve come to the conclusion that the blog just doesn’t like scheduled posts, especially while I away 😩 no good for me and definitely no good for my authors, illustrators, publishers and tour organisers.

I can only appologise for these posts not going live, and which I’m about to rectify.  I put a lot of time and effort into these book blogs, as do the tour hosts and authors!

I do hope you’ll forgive me, I’m usually all set up and ready to go BUT the internet needs to work (or wordpress) for these posts to be seen, read and loved by my readers.

So enough with the moaning and on with what should have been published over the loooong weekend!