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#BlogTour #Excerpt #TheHauntingAtParadiseHouse bykillian Wolf | @Killian_Wolf22 @rararesources



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The Haunting at Paradise House
If you were given the chance to become a powerful sorceress, would you leave behind everything you thought you knew?
When Addison is offered the position of her dreams through a mysterious phone call, she rises to the occasion and moves to the Florida Keys to a mansion called Paradise House. Footsteps from playful ghosts, a room of killer dolls, and an all too intelligent owl lead her to the mysteries that lie within the walls, to reveal the true reason behind her invitation. When dark forces get a hold of her and her patient, Addison is left with no choice but to take extreme measures to protect the ones she loves. Will Addison be able to acquire the necessary skills fast enough in order to protect her patient, and defeat the evil entities that thrive in the mansion?

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Killian Wolf is a Miami, FL native who enjoys pirates, rum, and skulls as much as she loves writing about dark magick and sorcerers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology and a Master of Science in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy.

Killian writes books about obtaining magickal powers and stepping into other dimensions. She lives in England with her husband, a tornado of a cat, and the most timid snake you’d ever meet.

When she isn’t writing, you might find her at an Archaeological dig, rock climbing, or sipping on dark spiced rum while working on a painting.

Social Media Links –
Twitter- @Killian_Wolf22
Instagram- killian_wolf

Giveaway to Win a paperback copy of The Haunting at Paradise House (UK Only)

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Extract from “The Haunting at Paradise House,” book one of “Reapers of the Veil”
By Killian Wolf

There was movement on the blankets by her feet. She couldn’t move her neck to see what was crawling up her legs. It felt like sharp pins inching their way up her body. In a panic, she tried to shake them off but was still unable to move.
Then a heavy weight pressed down on her chest and an icy cold breath snarled close to her face.
Her breathing stalled. Addison tried opening her mouth to scream but her lips were frozen shut, and no sound would come. Her eyes were heavy, but she tried to squint in order to make out the figure in the blackness. It was too dark. Whatever it was moved in closer to her head and smelled her hair.
Addison shut her eyes again as tightly as she could, holding her breath. Her insides jolted, and she felt a sharp pain pressing down on her stomach. What was that? Knives? The feeling shifted swiftly, and she caught the sharp movement of claws and a tail by her feet. Her heart skipped a beat.
She tried again to move and scream, but it was no use.
“Dax,” she screamed inside her head.
The creature moved towards her again and closed its large claws down on her neck. She screamed silently, gasping for breath. Her esophagus closed as the creature tightened its grip. Her mind grew hazy and her heartbeat slowed.
Then something happened. The creature let go. She felt it release its pressure, but she still could not move. What’s happening?
A buzzing sound vibrated in her ears, growing louder and louder, sending her eardrums to the point of bursting. The bedroom spun uncontrollably around her.
Then, she lifted. Am I dying?
Trying to peer through the darkness, she looked for some sort of sign. The buzzing had finally stopped, and everything went silent. She ascended completely above her body, but there was no bright light.
It was still dark only now she could finally make out the details of the room. Her room. She was still there.
Addison could finally move again. She spun around, her arms wrapping around herself effortlessly. She felt lighter than a feather. Looking into the mirror in front of her bed, she saw herself, only it did not look like her. The person floating in the mirror before her was smaller than expected, like a floating ghost. Despite her bodiless form, she shivered. Am I dead?
She looked down at her hands. They were tiny, and blue. They left a trail that followed as she moved. Addison’s mouth dropped as she counted only four fingers in each hand.
Glancing down at the bed, her eyes widened at the hand lying beside her. She jumped, which almost sent her flying to the ceiling.
Who is that? She tried to nudge the hand, but it barely moved. It was heavy, stiff and cold. Addison gasped at the strange sensation. The hand beside her was hers. She looked down and saw her lifeless body lying on the bed, covered with scorpions. I died? How can I be dead?
It took her a moment to process the situation. There was being choked…then there was the paralysis…the beast. She turned again, slowly.
And there it was.
The first thing she noticed was its size despite it being almost as black as the room. Its chest was larger than her head. Its flaming red eyes burned with emptiness and wrath. It opened its elongated jaw to show its long sharp fangs, snarling at her. Its face was menacing. Too frightened to move, they stared at each other for a moment. Can it still hurt me?
The creature backed itself into position like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. That’s when she jolted back. Addison flew up to the ceiling and the beast darted after her. I can fly? I’m flying! Addison flew through the door and out of the room. She didn’t want to look behind her, so she hid in the first place she spotted, under a table behind the family room couch.
She closed her eyes and waited. If she had a pulse, she knew it would be off the charts right now. Oddly enough, she could still feel her heart beating. The silence surrounding her was intense. The house felt completely lifeless. She opened her eyes as if expecting the creature to have gone away. The room looked empty. Is it gone? Addison heard breathing coming from behind her. Oh no… She turned around hoping that it had been her imagination.
The creature was there, its mouth gaping. It licked his lips and leaped towards her.

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#BlogTour #Review #EternalSeas by @lexi_rees @rararesources

We are thrilled to be kicking the Eternal Seas tour off for Lexi Rees!

First, the cover is stunning 😍 and we know this story will enthrall fans both young and old!

Eternal Seas cover.jpg

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Eternal Seas by Lexi Rees 

Such a small parcel

shouldn’t cause experienced

smugglers much trouble,

but this parcel is far from normal.

Chased across the seas, Finn and Aria must solve the

mysteries within the parcel. 

What does it mean? Who should they trust?

What will happen?

The fate of an ancient people depends on them

and time is running out …

Eternal Seas.png

Pre-order Link –

mini obc about the author

Eternal Seas - Lorraine-16.jpg

Lexi Rees spends as much time as possible sailing and horse riding, both of which she does spectacularly badly. Attempts at writing whilst horse riding have been disastrous, so Eternal Seas was written on a boat; the storm described in the book was frighteningly real.

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Imagine what life must be like on the open seas, smuggling treasures to the unknown…… What if you suddenly became the treasure?!

This is what Aria and Finn must face in this action packed adventure book. They have to trust the untrustableand hope the ines they do trust dint turn on them for their own gain. This book is quickly paced and has you turning those pages time and time again, in fact I was shhhh’d multiple times while my daughter read this book….

What do you want for tea?


Do you have any homework?


It’s time for bed!


I’ll let her have that one, at least she isn’t glued to a TV screen!

She enjoyed the pictures, the action, the few kept secrets that are revealed, and the fact that the chapter weren’t overly long (like me she likes to stop at a chapter end)

Hats off the Lexi for having my daughter engrossed in Eternal Seas until the very last page, which resulted in her running downstairs asking if the second books was out of if she has to wait 😂

5 thumbs

mini obc giveaway

Lexi Rees is having 2 AMAZING Blog tour competitions, see below for all the details and how to enter…

Win one of two £10 Amazon gift vouchers (UK only). To enter

  1. Share a photo of you with the book (paperback or ebook) on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Tag @lexi_rees (Twitter) or lexi.rees (Instagram) and #EternalSeas
  3. Closing date 30th November 2018
  4. UK only
  5. Winners will be drawn randomly

Illustration competition – would your children like to see their illustrations published in a book?

  • Six lucky winners will have their illustrations printed in the sequel to Eternal Seas
  • Winners and runners up will also have their drawings featured on and on social media

Drawings must be in black and white, and can be in any of the following categories

  • Aria flying up in the sky
  • a cat
  • mountain ponies
  • a snow eagle
  • a demon-goddess
  • a sailing boat
  • Finn and/ or Aria

Please see detailed terms for entry requirements

  • Open to children aged 13 or under
  • You can enter as many categories as you like
  • Winners will be chosen by Lexi Rees
  • Children’s name and age will be published together with their illustration. Parents/ guardians must confirm they are happy with this when they enter. Other information (e.g email address) will not be shared.
  • No purchase necessary
  • Closing date 31/1/19
  • Entries must be scanned or photographed in high resolution and emailed to The winners may need to post originals if the images are not high enough quality for printing. Postage costs will be covered in this case.
  • Full entry details can be found on

Be sure to follow the rest of the blog tour!

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#BlogTour #Giveaway #TheAdventuresOfEricTheSpider by Elaine Madle @AuthorightUKPR @fayerogersuk @Authoright #EricTheSpider

Today sees Eric the Spider crawling all over the Mini’s blog, but don’t worry, he’s a sweet little spider ready to take you on an adventure!

eBOOK - Madle - cover - 28.3.18 - 9781912562299-ColorPF

Title: The Adventures of Eric the Spider
Author: Elaine Madle
Illustrator: Shaun Madle
Release Date: 22nd May 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Format: Paperback
Goodreads Link:
Amazon Link:
mini obc about the book1
Eric may only be a little spider, but that doesn‘t stop him from having some big
When a spider, with big, long, spider legs, is spotted behind a curtain he seems a
little scary. Luckily, he is quickly caught in a box full of socks and named Eric.
But when Eric steals the socks (and a bike!) and goes on the run it is up to a diligent
policeman to find the right sock-footed spider, stop Eric and rescue the bike!
Join Eric on his adventures as he escapes with some socks, flees from a birthday
party, and goes camping on a very, very wet day in this beautifully illustrated
rhyming book.
 Eric The Spider Pic 2.jpg Eric The Spider Pic 1
mini obc about the author1
Author Information
Living in Essex, Elaine Madle works as a support
worker for adults with learning difficulties. In her spare
time she loves creating stories especially since becoming
a grandmother for the first time. Her brother and
illustrator Shaun Madle who has always been supportive
of her writing has provided a series of unique
watercolour illustrations in order to bring her characters
to life
Now is your chance to win your very own copy The Adventures of Eric the Spider. Simply follow the link to enter, its that simple!!

Print Copy – The Adventure of Eric the Spider

Eric the Spider Banner.png
***Prize will be sent direct to the winner from the Publishing Company.

Dylan the Doctor by Guy Parker-Rees. Review and Giveaway!


BookTitle: Dylan the Doctor

Author: Guy Parker-Reeves

Release Date: 4th August 2016

Genre: Picture Book

Publisher: Scholastic

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

mini obc about the book

Dylan’s on his way – are you ready to play? DYLAN THE DOCTOR is the first picture book in a series featuring an exuberant stripy dog, who just loves to play. Created by bestselling illustrator Guy Parker-Rees, Dylan is a joyous new character who uses playing and fun to help toddlers explore and understand their world. Today Dylan is playing at being a doctor. He dashes about looking after all of his friends: Purple Puss, Jolly Otter and Titchy Chick. But who will look after poor, tired Doctor Dylan? All his friends, of course! Look out for Dylan’s friend, Dotty Bug, on every page, as she encourages readers to join in with the story.

mini obc about the author


Guy Parker-Rees is one of the UK’s best-loved children’sillustrators. His many successes include GIRAFFES CAN’TDANCE (Orchard) and SPOOKYRUMPUS (Orchard). Guy live in Brighton.

Website: Twitter:

mini obc lily

Children’s picture books are my all time favourite! The brightness, colours and the smiles that came from my child  while reading this book was brilliant.  Lily-May is only 20 months old but she got to much out if this book (we have read it umpteen times!) She loved to make the dog and cat noises and loves turning the pages 🙂 the vibrant colours and beautiful illustrations kept her entertained until the end, which is rare for her! It’s now turned into her favourite bedtime story. The pages also seem to be toddler proof, which is a must!! Lily-May also enjoyed looking for Dotty Bug on each page, I thought that was a fun addition to the book. We look forward to reading Dylan the Shopkeeper when it hits the shelves 🙂

4 thumbs

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We have 3, yes 3 copies of Dylan the Doctor to giveaway!!

***Click the link below***

Dylan the Doctor Giveaway

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