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#BlogTour #Review #APiratesSong by Justin Davis|@jdavisauthor @bluefalconpub

What a day!!

Those pesky Pirates stole my phone and its taken me allll day to set up a new one…. Who even remembers all these passwords?!!

Any how, on with this tongue twisting review 😲


mini obc about the book

Ahoy there me hearties!

Are ye brave? Are ye strong?
Can ye sing a Pirate’s Song?
Will ye search for treasures old,
jewels and trinkets, pearls and gold?
Then climb aboard and join our crew!
Quickly now, there’s work to do!

This lively rhyming picture book will have children singing along with the pirates on their journey. Will they find their gold?

mini obc lily

This book is amazing! My 4 year old and I rolled around on the floor reading/singing (wailing like a cat more like!) while I tripped up on the words.

The illustrations are stunning and detailed, they story is fun and has to be read over and over and OVER again!

Lily-May wanted me to read it to her class but I’m not sure her teachers are ready for the mass of giggles that this book produces 😂 I might offer her teacher to read it and I’ll sit and listen!

There’s added bonus pages at the end of the book, activities and a quiz….. Just to make sure you were listening, if you weren’t then you’ll walk the plank!!! ☠️

Very much worth the purchase, ideal for Birthdays, Christmas or an everyday buy.

5 thumbs