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Lu-La's Guide to Space.jpg

Lu-La’s Guide to Space

Official movie-tie in for the Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: Farmageddon.
Learn all about space with Lu-La! This guide is packed with interested facts, colourful images, stickers and posters.
Packed with scientific facts to inspire a love for space for inspiring young minds! Perfect for children aged 6+.

Information about the Book
Title: Lu-La’s Guide to Space
Release Date: 26th September 2019
Genre: MG
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing
Amazon Link:


Official junior novel for the Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: Farmageddon

Shaun is an unusually clever sheep living on a northern English farm, but his life is far from boring!
Fascinated with what the humans are up to, Shaun always finds himself in trouble.

This is a must-read for fans of Shaun the Sheep and is the perfect tie-in for Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: Faramaggedon.

Shaun the Sheep Farmageddon Annual 2020.jpg

Official 2020 annual for the Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: Farmageddon

Shaun is an unusually clever sheep living on a northern English farm, but his life is far from boring!
Fascinated with what the humans are up to Shaun always finds himself in trouble.

Fans of the TV show will love interacting with Shaun and his flock, and this fun-packed annual is a great way to celebrate Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: Farmageddon.

Where's Shaun.jpg

Search and find Shaun the Sheep in all of these fun locations!

Shaun is an unusually clever sheep living on a northern English farm, but his life is far from boring! Fascinated with what the humans are up to Shaun always finds himself in trouble.

mini obc lily

Oh my word!

Talk about taking me back to my childhood!!

I’m not sure who had more fun with these, the 4 year old or me?!!

Hats of to Sweet Cherry Publishing for producing these rather addictive books. They are bright, bold, colourful and page turningly awesome!

Lily-May loved Lu-La’s guide to space, especially the stickers in the back and the solar system poster which is currently stuck on her bedroom wall.

For The official film guide we broke it down into chapters. Only being 4 one chapter before bed was as long as the attention span lasted. She loves aliens so I knew she would enjoy this book, she even asked questions along the way.


The Farmageddon Annual is stunning!

Its bright, bold colours have me mesmerised. There is so much detail in this book, Sweet Cherry have certainly thought of everything for this book. Puzzles, facts, posters, quizzes, drawings… the list is endless!

Lily-May has loved doing the mazes and spot the difference puzzles, she has her pencils at the ready for design you own sections (pics will be loaded onto instagram as and when she let’s me photograph her work)

And finally, the book that has caused many a giggle….. Where’s Shaun? The man in the stripy outfit eat your heart out! We have had hours of fun finding all the hidden pictures, the sheep on Tower Bridge is our favourite!


5 thumbs

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#BlogTour #Review #FaeriesOfSaizia by Tonya L Chaves

Faeries of Saizia
sazia paperback Cover.jpg
mini obc guest2
The child within me was ecstatic to read this book, the cover drew me in like a moth to a flame, beautiful!
It’s a lovely book with characters I’d expect to see, Faeries, elves, and witches etc. The storyline was great, and covered topics of friendship, adventure and a little bit of love.
Tonya is a brilliant story teller and brought my imagination to life with her words, this will definitely be a winner in the eyes of children who adore the magical world.
A very sweet tale with all the magic that you can handle, and with loveable characters along the way. With just over 150 pages it’s long enough for the story to progress, yet short enough to keep the younger readers interested and still reading (myself, I wished for more pages, you just can’t win lol).
4 thumbs
Follow the rest of this magical tour!
Faeries of Saizia Full Tour Banner.jpg

An apology to my authors, illustrators, publishers and tour organisers.


Easter time, you have to love it!

Chocolate galore!!

I decided to take a few days off with the family, all posts we scheduled and once I was back in the land of internet (what would we do without it?!) I logged on to shared all my scheduled posts…… posts that my blogs decided not to publish!

After a few tears, bashing of buttons and a few choice words (away from little ears) I’ve come to the conclusion that the blog just doesn’t like scheduled posts, especially while I away 😩 no good for me and definitely no good for my authors, illustrators, publishers and tour organisers.

I can only appologise for these posts not going live, and which I’m about to rectify.  I put a lot of time and effort into these book blogs, as do the tour hosts and authors!

I do hope you’ll forgive me, I’m usually all set up and ready to go BUT the internet needs to work (or wordpress) for these posts to be seen, read and loved by my readers.

So enough with the moaning and on with what should have been published over the loooong weekend!


#BlogTour #TommyTwigtreeAndTheCarrotCrunchers by Michael Firman

Tommy Twigtree and the Carrot Crunchers.jpg

Tommy Twigtree and the Carrot Crunchers
by Michael Firman

mini obc about the book1

Tommy Twigtree and his friends enjoy peace and harmony in their garden.

That is until Robbie Rabbit and his Bandits decide that carrots are on the menu!

Tommy Twigtree And The Carrot Crunchers is the first book for children by Michael Firman.

Illustrations are by Nick Roberts.

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

mini obc about the author1

Michael Firman.jpg

Michael lives in rural Sussex with his wife. His story telling started when his eldest grandchild was old enough to appreciate a bedtime tale. Rather than read to her he began to craft stories about the trees, plants and animals that live in his garden. As time passed and a second grandchild also enjoyed these tales of adventure and daring, the stories began to create a whole world that lived and went about its business right in his garden.

His grand kids, Poppy and Rudi continue to enjoy further developments in the lives of the characters that populate these stories and Tommy Twigtree and The Carrot Crunchers is the first in a series charming garden tales.

Tommy Twigtree Banner2.png

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#CoverReveal #EternalSeas by @lexi_rees @rararesources

Eternal Seas -Cover Reveal.png

Eternal Seas cover.jpg

mini obc about the book1

Such a small parcel shouldn’t cause experienced smugglers much trouble, but this parcel is far from normal. Lost and scared after a violent storm, Finn and his sister, Aria, take shelter on a remote island. They discover the parcel contains a relic belonging to a long forgotten people. Locked inside are powers which will change their lives, and the world, forever. As Finn realises his connection to the relic, a vision strikes him – but what does it mean? Who should they trust? And if they decide to follow their hearts rather than their orders, will they manage to deliver the relic in one piece? Chased across the seas as they try to solve the mysteries within the parcel, the fate of this ancient people depends on them. Finn and Aria must choose between what is right and what is easy – and time is running out … With brave protagonists and life lessons of courage and honour, Eternal Seas speaks from a `flawed’ character perspective that everyone can relate to. Young readers who enjoy daring plots and exciting adventures will delight in this original story of different races and tough choices.

Pre-order Link –

mini obc about the author


Lexi Rees spends as much time as possible sailing and horse riding, both of which she does spectacularly badly. Attempts at writing whilst horse riding have been disastrous, so Eternal Seas was written on a boat; the storm described in the book was frighteningly real.

#Spotlight #FromDaughterToWoman by #KimMcCabe – @fayerogersuk

From Daughter To Woman (1).jpg

Title Information

Title: From Daughter to Woman

Author: Kim McCabe

Release Date: 18th July

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Little Brown Books

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:


This book aims to make the adolescent’s journey just that bit safer, kinder, and better supported – so parents and teens can enjoy the teenage years more.

The teen years are tough – for teens and for parents. Many parents dread the moodiness, dishonesty, preference of friends over family, exam stress, and the push for greater independence. Mothers have a pivotal role to play; this is a guidebook for parents and mothers of girls in particular as they navigate the rocky teenage landscape with their daughters aged 8 to 18. It aims to help them embrace the potential of their child’s teenage years by marking this time of growing maturity for girls and celebrating it with them. We celebrate birth, marriage and death, but this important life-transition from child to young adult is nowadays rarely acknowledged within an appropriate community.

Author Information

Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe is the founder of Rites for Girls. As the originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together groups, she offers guidance to preteen and teen girls and simultaneous support for their mothers. In training other women to facilitate these groups, her dream is that every girl grows up expecting to be supported and celebrated in adolescence. Kim was commissioned to write a section in Steve Biddulph’s latest best-selling book, 10 Things Girls Need Most: To Grow Up Strong and Free.

Kim is a home-educating mother of two boys, one girl, two cats and a colony of aloe vera plants; she is wife to a Kiwi, daughter to itinerant parents, friend to a cherished few, and lover of time alone, too. She lives in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. She sometimes shouts at her children, accidentally steps on the cat’s tail and forgets to water the plants, but she loves her work, her family and her life. She has always had deep affinity with teenage girls, and by sharing her wisdom and compassion she infects the reader with her enthusiasm for this life stage.

Tour Schedule

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BlogTour Steve and FranDan take on the world

mini obc about the book1

Steve has had enough – enough of cyber-bullies, enough of adults messing up the world. Sharp-witted Fran and her brother worry-wart Dan feel exactly the same. And so, along with his dog Nessie, Steve and the FranDan twins leave town in the dead of night to start on the biggest adventure of their lives…

But if things were bad before, they soon get worse. Much, much worse. Some seriously bad men show up. Why have Steve and Dan been overpowered and led away as prisoners? Why are they kept tied up in the barn of a disused farm?

Having managed to escape, and with no way to call for help, Fran knows it’s up to her to mount a one-woman rescue.


Illustrators Twitter @SKARPHEDON 
Publisher Twitter@BCKidsBooks
Publisher Twitter@BirlinnBooks 

Video link to live reading ~

mini obc amy1

I love Ron Butlin books! This isn’t the first book of his to land on our doormat and I’m hoping it won’t be the last 😀

The story follows 3 kids, Steve, Dan and Fran, wanting to escape the bullies in their lives they think they can make it in their own with their handmade raft. I enjoyed how they worked as a team to get out of sticky situations and that they didn’ always do things right and made mistakes along the want, cos us kids don’ actually know EVERYTHING! Just dint tell the adults that 😂 I also enjoyed that fact that Fran is kinda the hero of the book, saving the boys from their prison. Their adventure was certainly exciting to read and had me page turning way after bedtime! I cant wait to see what Ron pens next.

4 thumbs

Review & Giveaway – Prisoner of Ice and Snow by Ruth Lauren.

Prisoner of Ice and Snow.jpg

Title: Prisoner of Ice and Snow (Prisoner of Ice and Snow #1)
Author: Ruth Lauren

Release Date: 7th September 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

mini obc about the book1

Valor is under arrest for the attempted murder of the crown prince. Her parents are outcasts from the royal court, her sister is banished for theft of a national treasure, and now Valor has been sentenced to life imprisonment at Demidova, a prison built from stone and ice.

But that’s exactly where she wants to be. For her sister was sent there too, and Valor embarks on an epic plan to break her out from the inside.

No one has escaped from Demidova in over three hundred years, and if Valor is to succeed she will need all of her strength, courage and love. If the plan fails, she faces a chilling fate worse than any prison …

An unforgettable story of sisterhood, valour and rebellion, Prisoner of Ice and Snow will fire you up and melt your heart all at once. Perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell, Piers Torday and Cathryn Constable.

mini obc about the author

Ruth Lauren.png

Ruth Lauren lives in the West Midlands in England with her family and a lot of cats. She likes chocolate, walking in the woods, cheese, orchids, going to the movies, and reading as many books as she can. She’s been a teacher and worked in lots of different offices, but she likes writing best. Prisoner of Ice and Snow is her debut novel.




mini obc amy1

A brilliant and touching story about a wonderful sisterly bond that goes above and beyond! This story had me hooked on the very first page, action packed with plenty of life lessons to be learnt for all the characters on some level. 

The author had a great way of describing details in the story that made it easy to imagine what was happening, I felt many chills from the book (maybe that was the Ice) I definitely don’t want to be heading for the child’s prison that’s for sure!! I can’t wait for book 2 (so happy that it won’t be an only book) It’s a great read for all and I will be recommending it to all my friends and telling them to be keeping an eye out for Ruth’s other book as I have a feeling she’s going to be a go to author for me and my friends! 

I give this book a very well deserved 5 thumbs up, please don’t leave us waiting too long for book 2 😀

5 thumbs

mini obc giveaway

 Proof copy of Prisoner of Ice and Snow


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Thank you to Bloomsbury for the advanced copy and to the lovely Faye for organising and including us on this fab book tour!



Spy Toys by Mark Powers.

So it would seem that the last week of the holidays is the perfect time for my children to get sick and pass it into everyone in the house, even though i have a million and one things to do….. this post being one for them!! So my heart felt apologies go out to Mark, the wonderful author of this very chuckle-some book and to Faye for organising this great book tour!!
So with me medicated up, a pile of tissues at my side, the kids in a daze on the sofa, let’s get this review live!


Out of Control Cover.png

Title: Spy Toys: Out of Control (Spy Toys #2)
Author: Mark Powers

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

mini obc about the book1

Toy Story meets James Bond in the second book in this incredible action-packed series!

Fresh from the success of their first mission, our heroes the Spy Toys – Dan the Snugaliffic Cuddlestar bear, Arabella the Loadsasmiles Sunshine Doll and Flax the custom-made police robot rabbit – are ready for their next task. This time, the secret code that controls every Snaztacular Ultrafun toy has been stolen and all over the world toys are revolting and turning against the children who own them.

Can Arabella disguise herself as a super-sweet little doll in order to find out more from the daughter of Snaztacular’s top scientist? Can Dan and Flax chase down Jade the Jigsaw, the puzzling prime suspect for the robbery? And can they save the day before the mind-controlled toys forget what it means to play nice?

mini obc about the author1

Author Mark Powers has been making up ridiculous stories since primary school and is slightly shocked to find that people now pay him to do it. As a child he always daydreamed that his teddy bear went off on top secret missions when he was at school, so a team of toys recruited as spies seemed a great idea for a story. He grew up in north Wales and now lives in Manchester. His favourite animals are the binturong, the aye-aye and the dodo.

mark powers b&w.jpg



mini obc amy


Mark Powers where have you been all my life?! Spy Toys: Out of Control has to be one of the funniest books I have read…… ever! This book is a super funny and quick read, I read it in one sitting. We jump right in with the evil Hog Wild and his prisoners over a fiery volcano, the brave Dan, Arabella and Flax come to the rescue crushing Hog Wilds plan but obviously that’s not the only bad guy in the book….. we have Jade the Jigsaw (you’ll never look at a jigsaw the same ever again!) Gemma who’s not exactly what she seems and….. well I won’t spoil the book for you.

I loved  Tim Wesson’s illustrations throughout the book, especially the surgical gown wearing chipmunks!! I felt this was a great addition to the book. I also thought the FREE Toy Spys game app (available on iTunes & Google Play Store) was a great fun addition to this book, it’s the first time I have seen anything like that 🙂 

So if you live a fun and gigle-sim read then Mark Power’s books are definitely for you. Make sure you check him out today!

5 thumbs


Month of Reviews Day 17 – The Ice Dragon.


mini obc about the book1

An enchanting tale of courage and sacrifice for young readers and adults by the wildly popular George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the series that inspired HBO’s Emmy Award-winning GAME OF THRONES. Lavish illustrations by acclaimed artist Luis Royo enrich this captivating and heartwarming story of a young girl and her dragon.

From ancient times the ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear, for no man had ever tamed one. When it flew overhead, it left in its wake desolate cold and frozen land. But Adara was not afraid. For Adara was a winter child, born during the worst freeze that anyone, even the Old Ones, could remember.

Adara could not remember the first time she had seen the ice dragon. It seemed that it had always been in her life, glimpsed from afar as she played in the frigid snow long after the other children had fled the cold. In her fourth year she touched it, and in her fifth year she rode upon its broad, chilled back for the first time. Then, in her seventh year, on a calm summer day, fiery dragons from the North swooped down upon the peaceful farm that was Adara’s home. And only a winter child―and the ice dragon who loved her―could save her world from utter destruction.



mini obc guest2

My daughter picked this up from the library, she’d not started it so I had a quick look and before I knew it I’d finished! It’s a quick read (120 pages) about 7 year Adara, born to the winter she comes across as cold and emotionless with not only the children her age but also her family. The animals of winter are her friends, especially the ice dragon. I loved reading about the bond that forms between these two unexpected friends, friends that go above and beyond for each other.

I have to mention the drawings/sketches in this book, WOW! They are amazing, detailed and mesmerizing. They added a lot to this book for me.

A great read for all….. I was drawn to it because of the author, my daughter because of the content and drawings.

5 thumbs