#BlogTour #Review #LoveTheStationeryInYourClassroom by Rebecca Palliser

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Love the Stationery in your Classroom
by Rebecca Palliser

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This delightful little book encourages children to learn about – and have fun with – the stationery they encounter in the classroom. Author Rebecca Palliser wants to help all children to find their feet in the primary school classroom.

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40707518-love-the-stationary-in-your-classroom

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Stationery-Classroom-Rebecca-Palliser/dp/1912262843

mini obc about the author

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Rebecca Palliser is a young primary school teacher whose experiences in the classroom inspired her to write to have an influence on her pupils. 

She is about to embark on a Masters programme where she hopes to continue to write alongside her studies. 

She takes inspiration for her stories from her travels exploring different cultures and cities, spending time with her little dog Darcy and of course her biggest muse, the delightful pupils she is fortunate to teach.

A sweet book about the stationary in your classroom not wanting to be bashed, broken and lost.

mini obc lily

I read this to my little one on my Kindle. She liked the cover and the pictures inside the book, however the writing is pretty small and the font isn’t child friendly (even I had to look closely) but not sure if that’s just because it’s a kindle version or if the paper book is the same.

She enjoyed the book and looking at the pictures. We talked about why we don’t break the things in the classroom and what happens when we do, she said her friends would be sad if they couldn’t colour or if the glue was dry they couldn’t do any sticking, she got the gist of the story.

3.5 thumbs

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