Month of Reviews Days 11, 12, 13 & 14 round up.

Unfortunately due to family issues our weekends posts didn’t get published so to catch up we thought a round up post would be a great idea!

Having children at both ends of the reading spectrum (12 and 2) our trips to the library are some what difficult. The toddler part is at the opposite end of the building to the teen part so our trips take at least an hour, even longer if they have had a delivery of new picture books!! Even though my teen is no longer into these books she sure has a good look at the new additions and who can blame her when THESE are in the pile….. or should I say in our home pile! 


Beautiful, bright picture books that draw even the oldest of picture book lovers attention! Out of the three of us we all grabbed a different book, Lily-May (aged 2) picked up the two Masiy books and the Aliens Love Underpants books (much to the amusement of her older sister) all these books have vivid and bright pictures that held her attention, she asked for the Alien book reading umpteen times and asked for it back on today’s visit (must check to see if there are more books in the series!) 

Amy-Lee (aged 12) and the one pretending to be uninterested in the toddler section slyly added King Jack and the Dragon and Jack and the Beanstalk to the pile. These books had more words than we would usually choose but to my amazement Lily-May actually really enjoyed these books, I loved the little tabs on the Beanstalk book.

I added the Ben and Holly and My Brilliant Dad to the pile. We love Ben and Holly and this book was a fun read with all the buzzy bees and the My Brilliant Dad was given to Dad for the bedtime story (think he secretly liked the theme!)

And our trip is never complete without at least one book from our absolute favourite author, David Melling. We are HUGE Hugless fans, it doesn’t matter if we have already had the book we never go home without one of these! 

All these books are great reads, with bright vivid illustrations that keeps my toddler’s attention for the whole book (and that’s a great achievement at times!) make sure you keeps your eyes out for them on your next library visit!


5 thumbs


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